The onus of the Oman Business Forum’s success and the realization of its goals lies with the members as they are the drivers of OBF’s activities and events. OBF’s management provides the platform and incentives that encourage a common purpose, enrich collaboration and facilitates cohesion among the community.

OBF ensures membership can expand to encompass relevant pillars associated with the business environment that links the public and private sectors.

Hamad AL Gharibi

The Hon. Hamad Suleiman AL Gharibi

State Council Member Oman State Council NLCP U.S.
Najeeb AL Rawas

H.E. Najeeb Ali AL Rawas

Undersecretary Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs NLCP U.S.
Ahmed AL Dheeb

H.E. Eng. Ahmed Hassan AL Dheeb

Undersecretary Ministry of Commerce and Industry NLCP U.S.
Abdullah AL Sarmi

H.E. Dr. Abdullah Mohammed AL Sarmi

Undersecretary Ministry of Higher Education NLCP U.S.
Salim AL Busaidi

H.E. AL Sayyid Salim Musallam AL Busaidi

Undersecretary for Administrative Development Affairs Ministry of Civil Service NLCP U.S.
Issa AL Azri

H.E. Issa Hamad AL Azri

Undersecretary Ministry of Justice NLCP U.S.
Salim AL Aufi

H.E. Eng. Salim Nasser AL Aufi

Undersecretary Ministry of Oil and Gas NLCP U.S.
Maitha AL Mahrouqi

H.E. Maitha Saif AL Mahrouqi

Undersecretary Ministry of Tourism NLCP U.S.
Ali AL Hinai

H.E. Dr. Ali Talib AL Hinai

Undersecretary for Planning Affairs Ministry of Health NLCP U.S.
Hamed AL Oufi

H.E. Dr. Hamed Said AL Oufi

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth NLCP U.S.
Ahmed AL Bakri

H.E. Dr. Ahmed Nasser AL Bakri

Undersecretary for Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Wealth NLCP U.S.
Muna AL Jardani

H.E. Dr. Muna Salim AL Jardani

Undersecretary for Technical Education and Vocational Training Ministry of Man Power NLCP U.S.