His Majesty

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said - May His Soul Rest in Peace - prioritized capacity building given it is foundational for socio-economic development that supports the realization of national objectives.

Accordingly, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said - May His Soul Rest in Peace - endorsed the launch of the National CEO Program by the Sharaka Taskforce, emphasizing the critical need to strengthen and empower the private sector in the Sultanate. The Diwan has overseen the implementation of the initiative, which equips top-level Omani executives with the latest knowledge and skills to support the development of the Sultanate's economy in a rapidly changing world economy.

To further promote competitiveness in the Sultanate, Sharaka also launched the National Leadership and Competitiveness Program, which empowers next-generation leaders to build capabilities that help them compete and lead in an increasingly complex business environment.

Ultimately these programs are helping to build a strong base of leaders across the Sultanate who will help shape the future and drive progress.

Organizing a common framework that unites these important initiatives will reinforce the community that we are aiming to create at OBF – a community of dialogue where leaders from the public and private sector can come together to advance key issues and uncover new opportunities.

What does this mean – it means providing our members with the insights and information on relevant global and industry-level trends that are shaping the future of different markets, it means access and exposure to global speakers and leaders that are driving major collaborations, and it means business opportunities through a better-connected network.

Dr. Ali bin Qassim bin Jawad Al Lawati
Studies and Research Adviser at Diwan of Royal Court
Oman Business Forum Chairman


OBF’s mission is to foster cooperation between its membership to advance key issues and unlock growth opportunities in the Sultanate. It seeks to develop and adopt initiatives supporting the Sharaka Public Private Task Force, as well as enable graduates of the National Leadership Programs and members of Sharaka to regularly communicate and engage in facilitated effective collaboration with the objective of enhancing the business environment in the Sultanate, and contribute demonstrably to sustainable socio-economic development.


OBF’s objective is to enable the personal and professional growth of its membership by providing value-added networking, exclusive exposure to the latest thinking and best practices, insights and information on relevant global and industry level trends that are shaping the future of different markets. OBF facilitates access and exposure to global speakers and thought-leaders that are driving major collaborations and provides members with the tools and skills to effectively advise and lead national PPP initiatives.

OBF is uniquely situated in the ecosystem of the Sultanate to:

  • Develop and foster relationships within and between the two sectors that help members succeed and add value on a national stage in a meaningful way.
  • Proactively identify new organic business and investment opportunities through the different PPP engagement platforms and tracks.

OBF gathers the upper echelons of both the government and the private sectors as one community. They are actively engaged (as the country’s current and future decision and policy makers) in a range of both spontaneous and programmed activities in service of the PPP agenda.


Knowledge Sharing

Collaborative Partnerships

Business Opportunities

Value Added Networking