His Majesty

I am delighted to introduce the Oman Business Forum (OBF), an initiative developed specifically for graduates of the various National Leadership Programs organized by the Royal Academy of Management.

Facilitating and enhancing the sharing of the latest insights, innovations, knowledge and best practice, OBF will through its various activities and events, build on the success of the Diwan of Royal Court’s impactful programs and enable this committed community of agile, innovative, entrepreneurial and resilient Omani leaders to anticipate and collaboratively respond to emerging trends and opportunities as well as navigate the most complex and pressing of challenges.

Importantly, OBF aims to maximize the contributions of its members to the Sultanate of Oman’s international competitiveness and sustainable progress and development as under the wise leadership and guidance of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq we work towards the realization of the ambitions of Oman Vision 2040.

I congratulate the OBF community on the part they have already played in the dynamism of the new and renewed Renaissance we now experience and greatly look forward to the significant, tangible and measurable outcomes of their continued efforts to unlock the immense social and economic potential of our nation.

HE Qais bin Mohammed Al Yousef
Minister of Commerce, Industry & Investment Promotion
Head, Oman Business Forum


OBF’s mission is to foster cooperation between its membership to advance key issues and unlock growth opportunities in the Sultanate. It seeks to develop and adopt initiatives supporting the Sharaka Public Private Task Force, as well as enable graduates of the National Leadership Programs and members of Sharaka to regularly communicate and engage in facilitated effective collaboration with the objective of enhancing the business environment in the Sultanate, and contribute demonstrably to sustainable socio-economic development.

Objectives of Oman Business Forum

Oman Business Forum (OBF) is a national platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences. It is designed to unleash growth-promoting initiatives that enhance the competitiveness of the Sultanate of Oman.

OBF is linked to a number of regional and international organizations and forums that help it:

  • Support private sector role in economic and national development.
  • Develop partnerships between the public and private sector to strengthen Oman’s business eco-system.
  • Develop the capabilities of OBF members, enriching their knowledge of key current affairs.
  • Empower Oman’s youth to present their views on national issues and programmes, particularly those related to Oman’s Vision 2040 vision.

Support Private Sector

Develop Public, Private Sector Partnerships

Develop Capabilities of OBF Members

Empower Oman’s youth

OBF Priorities 2022-23

For 2022-23 OBF is focused on the following themes:

  • Digital transformation.
  • Innovation in urban development.
  • Productivity and innovation in the private sector.
  • The business environment and attracting investment.
  • ESG.