The Oman Business Forum (OBF) is a professional platform and forum for enhanced, facilitated dialogue and joint action between the Sharaka Public-Private Task Force and graduates of the Diwan of Royal Court’s National Leadership Programs; a nucleus for current and future decision-makers. It is a community of unique high-level members of the public and private sectors as well as a highly select group of Fellows.

The Oman Business Forum (OBF) is an initiative launched by Sharaka - the Public-Private Partnership Taskforce, in February 2018. The OBF’s core mission is to foster public and private sector collaboration to unlock growth opportunities in Oman.

The Forum was established to capitalize on the momentum generated by the PPP Task Force and the national programs sponsored by the Diwan of the Royal Court (namely the National CEO Program and the National Leadership and Competitiveness Program); to serve as a platform that would build on the learnings of those initiatives and act as a facilitated space encouraging more cooperation and collaboration among National Leadership Programs (NLP) graduates from the public and the private sectors.

It was launched in February 2018.

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As the community is action based, all activities are focused on public-private partnership centric events. OBF’s “Sessions with an Expert” and “Distinguished Lecture” Series expose members to international industry leaders, authors and officials with PPP expertise.

OBF is also the execution arm of the public-private partnership taskforce (Sharaka) established by His Majesty in 2013 (Sharaka), as such OBF socializes Sharaka Initiatives among the community and workshops them internally as well as in consultation with OBF Fellows. When not facilitating collaboration among its members, OBF provides leadership and development opportunities on a continual basis with the aim of developing a pool of experts and advisors equipped with the local context required to be the first address of government when formulating and adopting policies and regulations, as well as being ambassadors of the Sultanate’s PPP strategy.

Being an Oman Business Forum Member allows access to knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, and exclusive events. OBF members enjoy access to a Members Portal that enables them to curate their network, share ideas, participate in group debates on chosen topics and elevate discussions to tasks that are actionable and facilitated by OBF’s chairman and management. Additionally, OBF coordinates privileged access for its members to regional and international events that are typically by invitation only.

Not at all. One one hand, OBF stimulates the exchange between both the public and private national sectors, increasing communication, accessibility and collaboration within them. On the second hand, its goal is to promote this exchange throughout the world and bring the world to Oman and its enormous potential. Trying to facilitate and create business and development opportunities beneficial for both parties, both internally and with external partners, to promote Oman’s unique attributes.

Membership to the OBF community is granted automatically upon appointment to the PPP Taskforce (Sharaka) and/or upon graduation from a National Leadership Program.

The onus of the Oman Business Forum’s success and the realization of its goals lies with the members as they are the drivers of OBF’s activities and events. OBF’s management provides the platform and incentives that encourage a common purpose, enrich collaboration and facilitates cohesion among the community.

OBF ensures membership can expand to encompass relevant pillars associated with the business environment that links the public and private sectors.

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The OBF does not take an executive role but rather acts as an ideation forum to support the executives roles of government entities.