The onus of the Oman Business Forum’s success and the realization of its goals lies with the members as they are the drivers of OBF’s activities and events. OBF’s management provides the platform and incentives that encourage a common purpose, enrich collaboration and facilitates cohesion among the community.

OBF ensures membership can expand to encompass relevant pillars associated with the business environment that links the public and private sectors.

Khalid Abduallah Al Khalili

Sh. Khalid Abduallah Al Khalili

Sharaka Chairman, Bank Nizwa
Khamis Al Kiyumi

Eng. Khamis Mubarak Al Kiyumi

Sharaka Chairman, Al Madina Real Estate Company
Khaula Al Harthi

Ms. Khaula Hamoud Al Harthi

Sharaka Chief Executive Officer, Lima Trading Company
Lujaina Al Zaabi

The Hon. Lujaina Mohsen Al Zaabi

Sharaka Deputy Chairperson, Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC
Mahmood Al Jarwani

Mr. Mahmood Mohammed Al Jarwani

Sharaka Chairman, Al Jarwani Group
Mansoor Al Zakwani

Mr. Mansoor Talib Al Zakwani

Sharaka Chairperson, Mansour & Partners Co.
Maqbool Salman

Mr. Maqbool Ali Salman

Sharaka Chairman & Managing Director, ‏Al Hassan Private Companies
Mohammed Al Lawati

Mr. Mohammed Abdulhussain Baqer Al Lawati

Sharaka Chief Excutive Officer, Bhacker Suleman Jaffer Company
Mohammed Al Theeb

Eng. Mohammed Hassan Al Theeb

Sharaka Chief Executive Officer, Omani Integrated Logistic Company
MohiAldeen Ali

Mr. MohiAldeen Mohammed Ali

Sharaka Vice Chairman, Galfar Engineering & Contracting
Muhanned Al Asfoor

Dr. Muhanned Dawood Al Asfoor

Sharaka Founder and Chairman, Injaz Develompent
Mustafa Salman

HE Mustafa Ahmed Salman

Sharaka Chief Executive Officer, United Securities LLC