Optimistic about the outlook for the travel and tourism industry over the next 10 years, the World Travel and Tourism Council projects the sector’s GDP contribution to reach US$15.5 trillion, that is 11.6% of the global economy. It further forecasts that by 2033 430 million people worldwide will be employed in the industry, representing close to 12% of the global workforce.

But what will be expected by tourists and travellers in the years ahead? What will influence their expectations, how will this impact the development of Oman’s tourism sector? How will the sector attract and train the talent needed to cater to ever evolving wants and needs? This Tejarah Talks session will take a journey round the trends shaping the trajectory of the tourism industry, exploring the importance of technology and the implications and understanding of sustainability, looking at the reimagining of luxury experiences, the interest in authenticity and the emerging importance of blended travel. It will also visit the factors that make a destination desirable, the rise of integrated developments,the importance of heritage as a resource and the multi-faceted role of communities. Central to the discussions will be lessons learned from the COVID 19 pandemic, the industry changes it has brought about and preparedness for similar future shocks.