FDI stock in Oman reached US$59.3 billion end of Q3 2023 - an increase of 26.5% on the same period in 2022. Indeed, success in attracting foreign investment plays a major role in the development of a diversified and sustainable national economy as well as in the generation of quality, long-term jobs in communities across Oman - all goals of Oman Vision 2040.

Offering the possibility of accelerating progress is an additional, and less-well known route, to these all-important goals is the nurturing and cultivation of local second stage companies - economic gardening. Curious to learn more about this fertile strategy for growth? Then join us at this edition of Tejarah Talks as our panel of experts and business professionals dig into what exactly economic gardening involves and its potential contributions to Oman’s on-going economic development and growth.

Session at a Glance
  • Transformative birth and growth of Economic Gardening
  • Strategies for nurturing growth-oriented businesses beyond the start-up stage
  • Job creation capacity of second stage growth companies
  • Fostering sustainable economic growth through information, growth-friendly
  • infrastructure and business connections
  • Connecting entrepreneurs, innovators and job seekers with second stage growth companies
  • Supportive public policies and development of second stage growth companies