Using knolwedge of the stars to navigate their way across the then known world, the forefathers of today’s Omani entrepreneurs forged international trade links that flourish to this day. And now, ambitious young Omanis are turning their sights to the stars once again as scientific advances such as the development of cost-effective satellite technology and resusable rockets have moved the space industry beyond the exclusive orbit of governments and large corporations. Indeed, a new era for enterprise is taking off, one that invites terrestial businesses, high-fliers and small-scale start-ups to be pioneers in a constellation of limitless opportunities.

In this Tejarah Talks, we explore the terrain of the space industry, taking on board the stellar possibilities for innovative thinkers and business visionaries as well as the potential for existing on the ground companies. We will look at the trends and technology shaping this exciting industry, the application of traditional business models and public-private partnerships, stimulating the space start-up eco-system and much, much more.

Session at a Glance
  • The commercialisation of space and the space economy
  • The small satellite revolution
  • Space education and workforce development
  • Space and sustainability
  • Space-enabled businesses
  • Creating value from space today