Two emergent technologies - AI and drones - have begun to dramatically reshape industries, economies and regulatory frameworks across the globe. This intersection of AI and drone technology promises profound transformations, from reshaping our supply chains with autonomous delivery and creating life-saving applications in emergency and disaster management to revolutionizing agricultural practices and beyond.

However, these advancements are not without their challenges and complexities. They raise significant questions about safety, privacy, ethics, regulation and job displacement. Delving into these topics, this Tejarah Talks session will examine the current state of AI and drone technology, discuss its potential and address its challenges as it navigates the trajectory for the future of our skies

Session at a Glance
  • The role of AI in autonomous drones
  • Commercial applications
  • Job creation and displacement
  • Regulatory framework and legal considerations
  • AI and drones in emergency and disaster management
  • Cybersecurity