Corporate culture the secret sauce?

Corporate culture the secret sauce?

Post-COVID corporate culture and its many challenges – from the Great Resignation sweeping global companies of all sizes to hybrid working and more – is the topic up for discussion at the next edition of Tejarah Talks.

Organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion (MoCIIP) in association with Oman Business Forum and supported by HSBC and SOHAR Port & Freezone, Tejarah Talks is scheduled for 7:30pm on March 30 at the Civil Aviation Authority Training Centre in Al Hail North.

H H Sayyid Dr Adham al Said, founder of The Firm will act as the moderator. The panel line-up includes Sir Charles Shaw, CEO, Bondoni; Shatha al Maskiry, managing director, Protiviti Oman; Dr Ghalib al Hosni, chief people officer, Omantel; and Saif al Manji, managing consultant, Quintal Ventures.

Speaking ahead of the event, Maymuna al Adawy, MoCIIP director and Tejarah Talks organiser said, “Clearly the pandemic has impacted the way we all work and our attitudes to our jobs and careers, bringing significant changes to corporate culture in its wake. While this might seem initially to mean things like different approaches to business hours and office set up, it also extends to areas around manufacturing practices, employment conditions, privacy regulations, or environmental commitments. And these changes are having a significant impact on business results.”

“In fact, a recent LRN Corporation survey of 8,000 executives across 14 countries and 17 industries found that companies with the strongest culture outperform by approximately 40 per cent across all measures of business performance, including customer satisfaction, employee loyalty, innovation, adaptability as well as growth.”

Maymuna added, “While the LRN data provides a strong and compelling case for Omani businesses to invest in building a stronger corporate culture, it is important to acknowledge that culture change in any organisation, irrespective of size is not easy.”

Commenting on the importance of corporate culture, H H Said remarked, “A strong corporate culture does not magically appear and to understand its real impact Omani business leaders need to think about it more holistically. We have to understand how culture can fundamentally shift the way a company operates, in a way that generates better outcomes for the business, employees and customers. If the challenges of the past two years have taught us anything it is that corporate culture truly counts. Needless to add, it will take an effort to change things, but given the potential rewards it is clearly worth it.”

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