Tejarah Talks tackles green economy transition

Tejarah Talks tackles green economy transition

While the responsibilities of governments in combatting climate change are widely acknowledged and their obligations well documented, there is a powerful belief among consumers that brands have equally strong obligations in taking action to mitigate their environmental impact and the transition to a green economy.

This economic transformation along with its business repercussions and opportunities is the topic slated for discussion at the next Tejarah Talks, the recently launched discussion forum organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Investment Promotion (MoCIIP) in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Youth, Oman Business Forum and supported by HSBC, SOHAR Port & Freezone and Omantel. Entitled “Green Transition” the event will be held 7:30pm, Wednesday, September 14, at Omantel’s Headquarters in Airports Heights.

Moderating the evening’s discussions will be His Highness Sayyid Dr Adham al Said, Managing Partner, The Firm while the panel comprises Rayan al Kalbani, Partner & Executive Director, METS; Dr Sausan al Riyami, Director, Oman Hydrogen Centre, GUtech; Talal Hasan, Carbon General, 44.01; and HH Sayyid Fahar al Said, Co-founder and CTO, YUZU Agriculture.

Speaking ahead of the event, MoCIIP Director and Tejarah Talks organiser, Maymuna al Adawi said: “The effort needed for this change in the way business and industry operate cannot be underestimated. It requires a fundamental rethinking of all sectors, from manufacturing, logistics and mining to energy, tourism and transport. And we have to recognise that despite recent positive economic figures, many Omani businesses – like their international counterparts - are still recovering from what has been a very difficult few years. So, we need to help them as they reimagine their business models, procedures and processes.”

The Tejarah Talks organiser went on to explain that the Omani public are more and more aware of the impact businesses are having on natural resource consumption and emissions, adding: “More recently the evolution towards a low carbon future has shifted from being a topic of debate to a matter of urgency for many Omani companies. In fact, greening initiatives like offering more environmentally friendly products or services, introducing green processes internally, hiring employees to promote sustainable practices, or going beyond compliance requirements, are helping Omani firms capture new business opportunities as well as spur innovation.”

Al Adawi also noted that the shift toward a green economy is influencing the way governments worldwide think about competitiveness and investment attraction. Expanding on this point, she explained: “As multinationals look to decarbonize their supply chains, robust national green policies and local supplier capabilities will become a key selling point to prospective investors, as they in turn look to meet the sustainability standards expected by end consumers.”

She continued: “This is an exciting time for local businesses who want to make this switch and we are delighted to have a panel of experts who are helping lead Oman’s efforts towards a sustainable and more resilient economy. Let us be clear, employees, customers, funders and shareholders alike are all demanding more from businesses when it comes to their environmental credentials. This session could not be more timely. Preserving and improving the environment are central features of Oman Vision 2040 and we hope the 14 September Tejarah Talks will encourage more Omani businesses to understand their importance as well as the rewards they offer.”

Tejarah Talks is free-of-charge and open to everyone. To reserve your seat at “Green Transition” email your name and mobile number to: TT@tejarah.gov.om