The onus of the Oman Business Forum’s success and the realization of its goals lies with the members as they are the drivers of OBF’s activities and events. OBF’s management provides the platform and incentives that encourage a common purpose, enrich collaboration and facilitates cohesion among the community.

OBF ensures membership can expand to encompass relevant pillars associated with the business environment that links the public and private sectors.

Najim Al Timami

Mr. Najim Mohammed Al Timami

Sharaka Chairman, Ahmed bin Majed Private School
Nasr Al Hosni

Sh. Nasr Amer Al Hosni

Sharaka Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labour for Labour, Ministry of Labour

Ms. Natasha Yahya Mohammed Naseeb

Sharaka Chief Operating Officer & Director, Yahya Group Holding LLC
Pankaj Khimji

Mr. Pankaj Kanaksi Khimji

Sharaka Partner Director, Khimji Ramdas Company
Qais Al Khalili

Sh. Qais Salim Al Khalili

Sharaka Chairman & Group Managing Director, Al Khalili Group
Raed Al Shehhi

Mr. Raed Mohammed Abdulla Al Shehhi

Sharaka Chairman, Musandam Global Investment Co SAOC
Rashad Al Zubair

Mr. Rashad Mohammed Al Zubair

Sharaka Chairman, Zubair Corporation
Rashid Al Saadi

Sh. Rashid Hamdan Al Saadi

Sharaka Chief Executive Officer, ASWAR Company
Rashid Al Balushi

Dr. Rashid Ali Al Balushi

Sharaka Managing Director, Iskan Oman Investment Company
Saad Al Junaibi

Mr. Saad Moosa Al Junaibi

Sharaka General Director, Qatar National Bank - Oman
Sahar Al Kaabi

Ms. Sahar Saad Al Kaabi

Sharaka Chief Executive Officer, Sadaf Accademy
Salaam Al Shaksy

The Hon. Salaam Said Salim Al Shaksy

Sharaka Chairman, Oman Housing Bank