The loss of animal and plant species as well as genetic diversity poses a serious threat to modern agriculture and global food security. This loss is happening at a time when the demand for food production is rising sharply as the world grapples with the challenges of feeding a growing population, addresses the impacts of climate change on farming and seeks to establish sustainable and resilient food systems. In these complex and challenging times, the agrifood sector has a pivotal role in shaping our future as the convergence of agriculture, food production and technology presents immense potential for food security, protection of precious genetic resources and sustainable economic development.

This Tejarah Talks session digs into the ground-breaking advances, transformative strategies and collaborative solutions that will unlock the possibilities of this crucial sector and looks at cultivating the emerging opportunities that will sow the seeds of a well-nourished future.

Session at a Glance
  • Digital transformation in optimizing agricultural processes, improving productivity and long-term food security
  • Food supply chain resilience
  • Alternative protein sources and traditional livestock farming
  • Adaptation strategies and opportunities for climate-smart farming practices
  • Shifting consumer food preferences and expectations
  • Public-private partnerships and sustainable agrifood initiatives