The world’s Blue Economy - worth an estimated US$3-6 trillion - provides over 30 million jobs and supplies a vital source of protein to over three billion people, offering vast opportunities for developing countries to build more innovative and resilient economies. But climate change, resource extraction and pollution along with multiple global crises are threatening the ocean’s health and significantly impacting sectors including fishing, shipping and coastal tourism.

With a focus on innovation in the conservation, utilisation and responsible management of marine resources and ecosystems, this Tejarah Talks session takes a deep dive into issues including the Global Blue Deal, decarbonising maritime transport, sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. It casts its net too around the opportunities making waves in the blue economy from ocean-based renewable energy and marine biotechnology to deep sea mining and more.

Session at a Glance
  • Conservation, utilisation and responsible management of marine resources
  • The Global Blue Deal
  • Blue renewable energy
  • Marine biotechnology
  • Deep sea mining
  • Sustainable aquaculture