The onus of the Oman Business Forum’s success and the realization of its goals lies with the members as they are the drivers of OBF’s activities and events. OBF’s management provides the platform and incentives that encourage a common purpose, enrich collaboration and facilitates cohesion among the community.

OBF ensures membership can expand to encompass relevant pillars associated with the business environment that links the public and private sectors.

Saleh Al Zakwani

The Hon. Saleh Taleb Al Zakwani

Sharaka Executive Chairman, Apex Media
Saleh Al Shanfari

Eng. Saleh Mohammed Al Shanfari

Sharaka Chief Executive Officer, Oman Food Investment Holding
Salim Al Ghazali

Sh. Salim Ahmed Al Ghazali

Sharaka Chairman, Golden Group of Holding
Salim Al Wahaibi

Sh. Salim Said Al Wahaibi

Sharaka Chairman, Assarain Group of Companies
Salman Al Araimi

Sh. Salman Abdullah Al Fanna Al Araimi

Sharaka Chairman, National Factory for Security Safety Equipment
Salman Al Araimi

Sh. Salman Rashid Al Araimi

Sharaka Chief Executive Officer, National Factory for Security & Safety Equipments
Simon Karam

Mr. Simon Jamil Karam

Sharaka Director, Sarooj Construction Company
Tahir Al Junaibi

Sh. Tahir Mabkhoot Al Junaibi

Sharaka Chief Executive Officer, Duqm Ahlia Development SAOC
Tariq Al Mashani

Sh. Tariq Salim Al Mashani

Sharaka Board member, Al Omaniya Financial Services
Tariq Al Ajaili

Mr. Tariq Abdulhafith Al Ajaili

Sharaka Deputy Chairman, Oman Investment and Finance Company
Usama Al Barwani

Mr. Usama Mohammed Al Barwani

Sharaka Chief Executive Officer, Mohammed Al Barwani Company
Waleed Al Hashar

Sh. Waleed Khamis Al Hashar

Sharaka Chief Executive Officer, Bank Muscat